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I have been working helping cultivate the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual life of people in a variety of settings for over 35 years.


The foundation of my training is rooted in work with children and their families which included a day care center, private and public schools, hospitals and private practice and I have worked as an adjunct instructor at Rutgers University.

My work with children helped me to see the story of their life not just in words but largely through the lens of observing and being attuned to their mood and gestures and subtly shifting nuanced attention to details.  We all have many stories and our stories both give shape to our lives and are in part one way of reshaping our lives.  Children tell and share their story through play.  This being the foundation of my professional experience has now served me well in my ability to pay close attention to the multifaceted ways in which we tell the story of our lives.

Over the years I have worked in a number of different modalities that support and have helped me to view the world in ways that have shifted my attitude and allowed for positive change.

At this point in my professional career my practice is primarily focused on work with couples and adult individual counseling.

Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing:  this is an intensive 4 year training focusing on and understanding of the Kabbalistic view of existence and meditations that help us along our journey.  I have been offering this practice to clients for over 17 years and I have been a teacher of this work as well.

You will find a link to this work on this website.


MAGI Process:   This is a 38 step meditation process that helps us to resolve conflicts and challenges we face in our lives.


5Rhythms:   This is a moving meditation that is an integral part of my life and has fundamentally helped me to understand and be in the creative process with our bodies as we engage our emotions, longings, self consciousness and struggles.  Although this is not a practice I do with clients it has helped me to guide others in recommendations for what other resources may be helpful to them.


Jin Shin Jyutsu:  a form of acupressure that helps harmonize the life energy in the body.

I am trained in this practice and worked with post operative heart patients at Morristown Memorial Hospital helping their bodies to help from the trauma of major heart surgery.

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