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I want to place special attention on the deep impact and positive ripple effect that parent counseling can offer children and the life of the family.

The foundation of my professional development began in working with 3 to 5 year old children
at an inner city day care center.  I had the good fortune to spend time with children in individual and group settings and with their parents being deeply involved in helping shape the emotional, educational and family life of children.  This experience deepened my understanding of the multifaceted approach necessary to help us realize our true potential. Simply said when parents are happy and feel safe and fulfilled, children prosper.

I have found that often times too much focus is placed on the child when really the focus on the parents and caretakers of the children is what is needed. Hence, over these 30 plus years my work with parents has shown me how much we can help the next generation by offering much needed support and guidance to,the caretakers.  Solid and practical parent counseling is essential to the child, the family and the community.

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